Conquering the Majestic Mount Apo of the Philippines

The view from the foot of Mt. Apo

Mount Apo – the highest mountain in the Philippines is located in Davao del Sur.

The trek is a bit treacherous and exhausting but once you reach the top, you can’t help but just be amazed by its beauty.


We took the Kapatagan trail where we stopped here at the Sitio Baras for registration. Make sure that you stop by to register and pay for the entrance and environmental fee.

Although this is a bit much for a fee but having your name registered makes it more safer for you as a climber. This is to keep the government aware and they will be able to help you in case there is danger. For this climb, we paid 1,500Php/person for a back trail and they will give you a certificate afterwards.

Start of the trail.

From the jumpoff site, you need to endure the burning heat of the sun to get to the forest where it is more cooler as the trees gives shade.

Traversing along the rocky boulder of Mt. Apo.

A foggy entrance to the boulder of Mt. Apo makes it more challenging to hike as you won’t be able to see what is ahead and the direction from the place you are standing is not clear.


After a backbreaking and arduous journey, we set foot on the top of the Mt. Apo. This view makes all the struggle of climbing this majestic mountain all worthwhile.


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